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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New Beds!!

Since we noticed that many of our visitors in 2010 and 2009 wanted to have two bedrooms, we have bought a new King Size bed for the master bedroom, so both bedrooms now have large beds.

The original twin room now has a double bed and feels a lot more spacious.

We still have the option to make the apartment up as a double room and a twin room, if required, but we doubt this will be very often.

The king size room now feels more modern with a new leather headboard and new night tables.

We've also installed new halogen lighting in the lounge area, as we released that in winter the apartment was a little dark.

These changes have made a good impact on the apartment and we're sure they'll be appreciated by our returning guests and new guests alike.!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thinking of 2011!

Already thinking forward to 2011!!

Having today taken two confirmed bookings for 2011, it makes us realise that the new season is going to be upon us in no time!

We've spent some time on the website as well as taking up a nice offer from Facebook!

Finally had time to add the lovely comments from our guests who left in summer to our website and you can read these here:

We've also been buying some new palm trees and shrubs for the gardens. All pleasent things!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Autumn arrives (Fall)

After the departure of our final guests of 2010 it gives us time to reflect on the year past and the number of different people we've had the privalidge to meet.

Having visitors from the UK, Belgium, France and Holland we've had a far more "European" year than in previous seasons.

Now that the autumn cool is in the air at night, it's time to take in all cushions and hibernate the BBQ until Spring next year. We're looking forward to April when the warm sun will be back with us and we can unpack what we've stored.

Winter will certainly be a good time for us to improve many of the features of our accommodation.

Repainting of the summer lounge is a priority, as well as making more of certain areas in the garden and cheringuito.

We have already received enquiries for 2011 from our regular guests and we look forward to seeing them in the sun next year.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


After a year of deliberation, we decided to purchase a new state of the art BBQ for everyone's use. This has replaced the two charcoal and gas bbqs that we on offer.

It was much appreciated by our last guests and we too are enjoying using it!

With temperatures now in the low 30s, it is a much more comfortable time to be here!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Departure of our guests

Yesterday we had some guests departing our accommodation after staying with us for two weeks.

They left us a lovely comment in our guestbook. We had noticed they had taken a shine to Sandra the cat.

"19/7/2010 -3/8/2010

We had a lovely time in Estepona with new areas we saw for the first time, with thanks to David and Martin:
*Caños de meca (a)
*The rock pools in Estepona (b)

We had the idea to kidnap the lovely cats (especially Sandra) but as she lives here in paradise, we decided NOT to do it! But, we hope to see her again!!

(a) Caños de meca is near to Tarifa and is a clothing optional beach where the beach-goers smother themselves in mud and then wash it off in the sea!
(b) The rock pools are above Estepona in the countryside where freshwater runs through large boulders to form swimming ponds.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

A week after

Having completed the set-up of the blog last week, I realise I really should be posting!

August - ready for the heat?

In the last days of July, the temperatures have been ranging from the upper 20ºC to over 40ºC - thank heavens for the AirConditioning!

We've noticed the dogs are now sleeping more and only venture out during the evenings or first thing in the morning. The cats just seem to disappear!

With the warm balmy nights, it is so much more comfortable to be nude and sit outside or in the pool area with a cool drink - I feel sorry for those that have to keep wrapped in clothes!! ha ha!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

First Posting

I thought I would add some details of things that have happened since we opened our accommodation back in 2007..

I will add to this as and when things happen!

New dining suite purchased Spring 2010
We purchased a new dining suite to match in with the new leather sofas that were purchased in 2008 to give the apartment a more contemporary look.

Tom Tom and Lap Top provided for our guests Spring 2010.
Laptop: Having upgraded our own lap top, it seemed an ideal opportunity to provide our guests with a computer to save them having to bring their own!
Tom Tom: Many of our guests use Estepona as a base to travel all over Andalusia and the Costa Del Sol. To save having to draw maps, its better that our guests can feel more independent and head off knowing they will always find their way home!

New fencing and screening installed winter 2009.
After heavy rain, some of the screening had deteriorated. We upgraded what was there to enhance the planting and give a more natural look.

Jacuzzi Hot Tub installed - Summer 2009
Well.... we wanted one and it is great for our guests to be able to use all year round!

Pool heating installed - Spring 2009
Traditionally, pools in Southern Spain are warm enough to use from mid June to the middle of September. As the day time temperatures outside this time are always very good, it seemed a shame not to be able to use and enjoy the pool to the fullest.

New furniture in the outdoor lounge area - Spring 2009
A general revamp of what was there to keep it more modern and add more comfort in the outside bar area.

New crockery purchased - Spring 2009
A more modern set which matches in with the outside lounge and kitchen. Guests can now take crockery and utensils between the apartment and outside area without worrying that it wont match!

New sun loungers and comfy cushions Spring 2009
A general upgrade on what was available. The cushions are now 10cm thick and are incredibly comfortable!

New linen purchased - Spring 2009 (and Spring 2008)
New Egyptian cotton provided for extra comfort all year round

Summer Kitchen revamped and new dishwasher Winter 2008
General upgrade in the kitchen. Dishwasher provided to save having all that washing up after a lazy meal in the outside lounge.

New Sofas purchased - Autumn 2008
New sofas purchased in leather to modernise the apartment.

WiFi Internet access available - Spring 2008
WiFi available for those that can not tear themselves away from the net!